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NIPI, Kaduna

NIPI is a Training Institute that was established in may 1978 by the Federal Government of Nigeria, following the recommendations to the Federal Executive Council by the National Council on Information that held at the Durbar Hotel, Kaduna in 1977. It was conceived as a home based Training Institute, in the alternative to expensive and rare foreign training programmes.

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This package addresses the professional needs of the Officer being trained for the first time. It entails a swift expedition which challenges the Officer's aptitude and acumen, leaving him richer

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Certificate Course in Public Information

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Public Enlightenment / Assistant Information Officers Course

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Visual Aid Operators / Information Assistant Course

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Graphic Artists, Photographers, Video Camera Men Course

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NIPI Goals

To be First Class facility that would be the center of Excellence for the training and retraining of senior level Information Officers in the Public Service, top Broadcast and Communications Personnel, and some categories of senior media personnel.

To meet the training needs of officers, in the alternative to the expensive foreign training programmes.

To be a highly ICT driven International Institute for Communication Studies (IICS) that would effectively adddress the capacity building and human resource needs in the Nigerian Public Service and beyond.




Mr Sunday A. Baba


Welcome to the realm of the National Institute of Public Information (NIPI), Kaduna ...

As you can glean in this PROFILE, NIPI was established by the Federal Government in 1978 to meet an identified yearning for specialized capacity building of public Information Practitioners in the Nigerian Public Service.

After 30 years, the need to continually shoreup Public Information Practitioners depth of knowledge and applicability, as well as fill an ever present Skills Gap has persisted. This is so because the Public Information Industry is a dynamic one that thrives on effectual information delivery.

Indeed the Public Information Managers must keep pace with the frenzy of socio-economic, cultural and political activities going on around them.
Public Information Managers must therefore be alert in perception and world view, and align their capacities with the daily evolving forms of transmission and mutating facilities.

The need to train and retrain Public Information Managers is even most strident today! This is for all the tiers of Government, as it is with Extra Miniterial bodies and Corporate Organizations, whose PRO's have critical information for public consumption.

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